Recruitment Procedure

How to apply

How to apply
If you want to apply for a job at KCI, you can use the online application form attached to the specific vacancy. Please include your resume and motivation letter. Once we have received your application we aim to give you feedback regarding your status within three working days.

If your knowledge and experience match our requirements, you will be invited for an interview. The primary purpose of the interview is to get further acquainted with each other. However, we will also discuss your motivation, work experience, aspirations and personality.

If there is a match between KCI and yourself, a second (and sometimes a third) interview will follow.
KCI strives to finalise the recruitment procedure within a period of three weeks.

When the procedure is finalised, we keep your basic personal information and resume on file. If you do not agree with this and you wish that we remove your information from our database, please inform us regarding this and we will do so!

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